Blackburn’s circus needs to come to an end for the good of the club

BRFCBlackburn’s recent past of sackings, fan defiance, chickens and comical antics has really affected the stature and fortunes of the club. A club need stability to succeed and rich owners need to understand that. Flashing cash can bring initial success but that doesn’t always last and in the case of Blackburn the Venky success has been minimal. Their perilous position in the relegation battle in the Championship is the result of the Venky ownership.

They stood by Kean in the Premier League but his position was made rightly untenable after relegation. The hiring of Henning Berg was curious at the time, logic would dictate that they would bring in an experienced manager. His short tenure in charge was poor, on the pitch and off the pitch with his early sacking. His solitary victory summed up his difficulty in the unforgiving Championship. Turning to Appleton seemed a more sensible decision but the foundations of their season were already cracked. His short spell as manager never took off and he was only going to be deemed successful by his superiors if he had been something of a revelation there. Only with Blackburn pushing for the top spot would the Venky’s be happy with a manager it would seem. However, no manager was given the tools they really needed to bounce back into the Premier League. Kean, Berg and Appleton needed more from the Venky’s and their global advisor Shebby Singh including support, communication and more than anything, time. None of these were given and Blackburn have struggled because of it.

The mistakes made in Blackburn’s boardroom in the trigger happy format of Abramovich doing the apprentice have crippled any chance they have of becoming a strong team again any time soon. The problem is the detachment the chairmans have from the footballing side of the club. They want to see immediate rewards for their investment and don’t realise what a competitive and demanding league their contending in. Every team is battling for promotion and you can’t expect to exceed other clubs when they have a carefully thought out strategy and you don’t. The highest valued team team in the world Manchester United havn’t won the champions league in five years. Chelsea have had staggered success but below par of the expectations of their billionaire businessman. My point is that money invested behind the scenes is not everything to guarantee success on the pitch. I realise its a huge part of long term league climbing but as many clubs have proven in the past, not everything. There has to be a foundation of a club and team that must be continued for the injection of money to boost the club but this has not happened at Blackburn. They have allowed themselves to rely on the owners influences and have failed to bolt down the basics, such as a manager who can last over 67 days.

The only chance for the Ewood park club now is to try and change their tact for the future. They need a strategy to move the clubs forward, bring in a good, experienced manager who can lift Blackburn back up the ranks when given time. They must stop the circus that has wrapped around the club and become a worthy Championship side again.
Another huge problem they face is if they get relegated. If they become a League 1 tea, then they will be in serious trouble. With their huge wage bill they will need a summer clear out that could see the whole squad affected. This possible circumstance of their relegation should be unthinkable because Blackburn are a Premiership club and are only so far down because of bad management from the top. I can only sympathise with the Blackburn fans watching their once proud team become a laughing stock.

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