Football snapshot: A quick glance at Carroll, Petrov and Chelsea’s defenders

Rodgers shouldnt bring CarrSnapshot 2oll back, Stiliyan Petrov in remission is brilliant and Chelsea need their defenders for goals

Nobody seems to want Andy Carroll now. West Ham have stated that Carroll might just be out of their price range. So where does that leave the big striker? Who will want him? Well, what about Liverpool? The club he is actually plays for. Brendan Rodgers clearly saw that he didn’t fit with his philosophy last summer and I can’t really see much changing since then. There are talks of Rodgers bringing Carroll back to Anfield, maybe for a plan B to end the goalless draws Liverpool find themselves in a little too often. However, Rodgers made a brave and fine decision to send Carroll away to set Liverpool up his way and he was unfaltering in that decision. I think he should stick with his instinct but where does that leave Carroll? If West Ham can’t find the finances for him then they will struggle to become the big team they wish to be to merit the Olympic Stadium. Another option is Newcastle but they find such bargains that Carroll would be deemed too expensive. Andy really needs to work hard to find a club now.


It is great, uplifting news to hear that Stiliyan Petrov is now in remission after suffering from an acute form of Leukaemia. Petrov claims he is lucky to be alive and has revealed he was given a 50/50 chance of living. It’s excellent news for football, Aston Villa and Stiliyan’s family. To see such a brave person battle through this ordeal with such dignity is a shining symbol of football. To hear the 19th minute of applause at Aston Villa shows the spirit that can exist inside football. The support shown by Villa and the football community has been outstanding and it is great news to hear that he is in remission and can continue on with his life.


With Fernando Torres faltering and only Demba Ba bought in to help bring in the goals Chelsea have turned to their defenders to score. In the game against Fulham, Terry scored two headers to strengthen his position under Benitez and aid the club in its goal scoring duties. David Luiz as well decided to try his luck with a goal that would make any great striker of the ball jealous. It is strange to see a score line of 3-0 to hear that only defenders hit the back of the net. Maybe Luiz should move up the park to attempt to score more goals like that. Normally the midfielders are expected to chip in with goals but the defenders have taken it upon themselves to aid the goal tally. Maybe Cech will chip in as well with a goal like Tim Howard from 80 yards.

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