Liverpool may need to bite the bullet with Suarez

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suarez (Photo credit: agmcat)

Branislav Ivanovic’s forearm and the large teeth that took a liking to it have been the main talking point from the weekend football. Unless Suarez believed Ivanovic’s arm tasted like some spicy chicken wings, then what the Liverpool player did was a pathetic, nasty attack. He can apologise, more than likely after being told to, but it really doesn’t matter. Nobody bites a fellow professional and expects anybody to be happy with his apology afterwards. It was just a bog standard response to a moment of madness that everybody saw was deplorable without any meaning or any real feeling.

This kind of behaviour needs a strong response from the FA, they need to set a precedent for violent behaviour like this. The FA should consider a harsher punishment as Suarez has already been banned last season for racially abusing Patrice Evra. Suarez has already built up a long list of controversial situations including another diving, another biting incident, racism and refusing to shake Evra’s hand. I don’t believe Suarez will change from a long ban and a fine but it needs to be done. Stopping him from playing and taking his wages will go a short way to show that this kind of behaviour will not be accepted.

The situation that Liverpool are going through is the same as the last time that Suarez was caught up in a controversy whirlwind. They want to show that they are firmly against behaviour like Suarez’s, however they want to show their loyalty to their prize asset. There have been calls for Liverpool to get rid of Suarez but they can’t afford to do that. They cannot release him or sack him. Their only option they have if they want him to leave is to sell him and find a replacement. Not only will they find it difficult to secure a worthy replacement but a player may believe he is joining a team that abandons their players.

I realise how highly thought of Suarez is on the pitch but Liverpool should consider allowing him to go if another team come in for him. You may be saying now, ‘well he may be a bit controversial but great players are often mavericks’ yes, I understand that players like Best and Cantona had their issues but this is different. Suarez will in all probability be banned as he was last season. Can Liverpool really afford to have Suarez missing for so many games? If they really are serious about rebuilding under Rodgers then every point is vital. If they aim for the top four and have a loose cannon being banned for a long series of games it could ruin their season. The foundation of Rodgers’ management strength is stability. He is in the Liverpool hot seat to bring success through a strong philosophy of football and long term ambitions. Suarez could threaten all of this if he is banned again or unsettles the squad with his actions. Liverpool could be in a stronger position, unbelievably, I believe without him. If they are tactile in replacing him, they could be a more consistent club and that could prove crucial to Liverpool’s long term success.

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