The Premier League title will be up in the air next season

Premier-League-trophy-001 The teams that will finish in the top three of the Premier League this season will have all have new managers in the dugouts next season. For all three top teams managers to be replaced is unbelievable even if one is through retirement. The questions of next season have never been so unanswerable. The footballing community knows roughly how the season may unfold but never do the top three teams simultaneously have new managers.
This strange circumstance makes the Premier League not only unpredictable, but very exciting. Any team could excel, whether one of the top three this year with their new manager or a team like Arsenal or Tottenham. That is what makes next year so enthralling. The title is open to anybody who is prepared to take a crack. Outsiders like Tottenham and Arsenal could look to get above third position and even make a worthy attempt for the title. Even Liverpool and Everton could see this year a chance for top 4. They may be seen as rank outsiders but all you need is consistency and hope that other teams around you blow up at some point or another. With such changes coming through the top of the league, teams may struggle to gain the consistency needed for a serious title push.
An early exit from the Champions or Europa League could have a silver lining, if the Premier League does have the topsy turvy season we expect then concentrating on just the title could be a huge benefit. Not that many fans or managers would see it that way.
If Arsenal do make the changes to their transfer policy and bring in bigger names then there is no reason why they can’t make a push if they can get the most important part of the season right: consistency. The same opportunity is there for Tottenham too, if they can keep Bale, AVB and spend well then they can be a challenge.
It may be a big call but with so many managers leaving and coming in, the title could be contested by more teams than we have previously seen. Next season could be one of the most competitive if teams take their opportunity but also could be one of the least competitive if all the new managers struggle. Either way it could make the Premier League very interesting next season.

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