David Versus Goliath

david-moyes mourinhoDavid Moyes was highly regarded during his time at Everton and deservedly became Sir Alex Fergusons’ successor. His challenge, people said, was keeping up to the high standard that Fergie set during his sensational tenure. However, with the transfers already taking up all of the headlines in the paper and news I believe his biggest threat is not matching Fergie. His challenge is the Goliath of mind games and that is Jose Mourinho.

Mourinho has already started making Moyes’ life difficult; Moyes had barely even started trying to get grips with his new working environment before Mourinho was helping unsettle Rooney. Moyes needed Rooney to feel comfortable at United and that was his feature but Mourinho would not let it lie. He mentioned Rooney, in an appropriate manner I might add, but that would not have helped the United camp at all. The transfer bid that Chelsea confirmed they made for Wayne Rooney capped it off. If they want Rooney then it is a great thing for Chelsea if they get him, however, if Mourinho doesn’t get Rooney then he has still done a great job at unsettling United’s star player.

The Mind games Mourinho uses are infamous and he will be happy to use them on both Pellegrini and Moyes. Moyes, though, should be most worried, Mourinho will be as sweet as pie about and to Moyes but it is all part of his game. He will keep his enemies closer for sure.

The interesting thing for Mourinho is whether he can return and repeat the success he had at Chelsea at during his first stint. He is the returning giant where as Moyes is the new blood in top flight football and will be totally backed to do the job he needs to do. If he can become a Manchester United legend then first he must deal with Mourinho and that is a challenge many don’t overcome.

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