Football snapshot: a quick glance at German football, Defoe and Chelsea

Snapshot 2Football is going to Germany, Tottenham have missed Defoe and Chelsea could save their season

The demolition of Real Madrid and Barcelona by Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich has been met by calls that the power of football has now been moved to Germany. I think this has been coming since the announcements at the Ballon D’or. The FIFA team of the year was made up of all La Liga players of which 10 came from Real Madrid and Barcelona. Such an outrageous favouritism for the two Spanish giants was just set up for them to fall. Bayern have always been a big club but Dortmund are finding their feet with ferocious outcomes. With the appointment of Pep Guardiola and signing of Mario Gotze Munich look like they could be world beaters if their plan works out. Dortmund could, however, be broken up in the next few years. Gotze is already on his way out while manager Jurgen Klopp and star player Robert Lewandowski are highly sought after across Europe with reports that both may leave.


The injury of Gareth Bale eclipsed the injury of Jermaine Defoe, a player they missed a lot more than people realised. Their failure to finish games off was because of their lack of goal scores. Adebayor was not doing enough for the club to score goals. They’ve missed a player that can score half chances while Adebayor needs it set up on a plate. With their crucial run in for a top 4 finish they need both Bale and Defoe back to help win the essential games. They need their comebacks to re spark their form following up from the surprise victory over Man City. Their form is crucial and Defoe converting a through ball after turning Vincent Kompany is something Adebayor would not have done. The goals from around the team have been crucial for keeping Tottenham in contention and battling in the Europa League before being knocked out. It will be the goals of Bale and Defoe that could prove crucial, though, now they have both returned.


Chelsea’s season will be saved from disaster if they win the Europa League. another trophy will be slipped into the Chelsea trophy cabinet, conquerors of Europe again. Well of the second set of teams of Europe. The season will not be deemed much compared to last season with their Champions League and FA cup victories. Though they have come under critism for being the first holders to be knocked out at the group stage I’d say the Europa League is a good return for a season. The Europa League is a very hard fought competitions with many good team with different philosophies playing good football. With teams like Benfica, Basle, Inter Milan, Athletico Madrid, Liverpool, Lyon, Tottenham and Chelsea it is a very credible competition. If Chelsea do win the Europa League then it will be a decent haul for them. With all the cups and titles being spread around different clubs in England this season then a Europa League victory could make Chelsea’s season a good one.

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